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Bunker Silo

Do you need a forage management system that lets you handle larger quantities of feed more efficiently with fewer losses? Our goal is to provide you with a properly designed concrete bunker that will not only diminish dry matter losses and preserve the nutritional value of your silage, but make it easier for you to manage your feed out on a daily basis. 

Our concrete bunker silo is engineered using high strength concrete and heavy-duty rebar, this provides the reliance you need. The use of sloped walls increases stability, improves compaction, and maximizes storage space. While the 8’ or 12’ wall panels allow you to utilize vertical volume, maintain safe load out practices, and effectively manage feed out. In addition, the engineered A-frame's, provide you the opportunity to expand your bunker silo as your operation grows.


Talk to one of our bunker silo professionals to learn more and help you determine the optimal size and configuration for your cattle feeding operation.


  •  Built to Engineers Specifications

  •  Sloped wall design allows for added

            volume and excellent packing

  • 8' or 12' walls to maintain safe load out, and effectively manage feed out

  •  All sections are precast with high strength

            steel and fibre reinforced concrete.


  • Comes in either 8’ or 12’

  • Open ended or closed

  • Sloped end panels

  • Single, double or multiple

  • Walkways available for both sides

Stettler Silo 2
Stettler Silo
Stettler Silo 4
Bunke Silo - Double Open End
Bunke Silo - A-Frame
Bunker Silo - Panels
Bunker Silo - Sloped End
Quad Bunker Silo
Bunker Silo
Bunker Silo
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