Shercom  Industries

Recycled Rubber Products

We carry a wide variety of rubber products for landscaping, residential, and commerical needs!

Rubber products are available at the D&M Concrete Landscape Depot in Lacombe!

Rubber Mulch.jpg

Rubber Mulch

Rubber nugget mulch creates a distinct look for any garden or landscape project.

  • Available in Red, Brown, Black, and Grey

  • CSA approved and fall rated for playgrounds

  • Inhibits weeds

  • deters insects, rodents and cats

  • Resists mold, mildew and fungi

  • Each 20lbs bag of mulch recycles 2 scrap tires

  • 2,000lbs totes also available

Rubber Edging.jpg

Ecoborders Rubber Edging

  • Available in Red, Black, and Brown

  • Create any design with these flexible, trimmable edgers

  • Eliminates need for edge trimming

  • Lightweight, highly durable

Rubber Spalsh Pad.jpg

Splash Pads

Protect your home or buisness by forcing water away from your foundation

  • Available in 3' or 4'

  • Light weight, non damaging

  • can be trimmed for a custom fit

Shercon Speed Bump.jpg

Speed Bumps

Lightweight, durable, crack resistant make these rubber speeds bumps the ideal solution for temporary events or long term use on road ways.

  • 6' 

  • Reflective tape creates higher visibility during the day and night

  • Dual channel for 1" cable, utility lines

  • Easily installed

Rubber Parking Curbs.jpg

Parking Curbs

  • 4" x 70"

  • Low profile to prevent damage to vehicles

  • Impact absorbing and won't damage the undercarriage of your car

  • High visibility with new reflector

Rubber Curb Ramps.jpg

Sher-Ez Curb Ramps

Bridge the gap between the street and a rounded driveway curb. Our ramps have a full length water channel to allow for storm drainage and can be easily removed for street cleaning

  • Prevent damage to a vehicles front end

  • Create a smooth transition

  • Use supplied ties to connect ramps together

Threshold ramp.jpg

Theshold Ramps

Threshold ramps are a great way to provide safe passage through doorways, raised landings, up curbs and bumpy thresholds. Also a great choice at events for wheelchair access and eliminating tripping hazards.

  • Slip resistant and durable

  • Portable

Rubber Mats.jpg

Commercial Mats

These commercial mats are designed to be slip resistant and shock absorbing creating a safer work environment.​ As with all Shercom products, these mats are very easy to clean, they are durable and long lasting.

  • 4' x 6' and 3' x 4'

  • Great for use in . . . 

    • Cross fit Gyms

    • Curling/Hockey Arenas

    • Fitness Centers

    • Weight Rooms

    • Shop Floors

    • Workout Areas

    • Kennels and Dog runs

    • Sports Complexes

    • Home Exercise Rooms

    • Truck/Trailer Bed Liners