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Ready-Mix Concrete

Our Product is Solid...

Our Service is Too

D&M Concrete Ready-Mix

We've been supplying Central Alberta with ready mix concrete for over 40 years! Book yours today!

Outdoor Fireplace

Concrete pavers and slabs, retaining wall blocks and edgers, kitchen kits and fire pits. A product for every project!

D&M Concrete Landscape Products

Choose from our large assortment of ground cover. From Mulch and Decorative Rock to Recycled Rubber and Black Dirt. 

MagnumStone Retaining Wall


A large block, hollow core, wet-cast, segmental retaining wall system. 

D&M Concrete Rental Division

Rental Depot

Get the job done faster and easier with Tool & Equipment Rentals from the Depot

Bolts and Fasteners

Bolts & Fasteners

We now carry a large assortments of bolts, nuts, washers and other fasteners!

Precast Concrete Barriers

With 10,000sqft of production space, we manufacture everything from electrical to agricultural product!

Recycled Products, Crushing Services and Trucking

Other Services

We accept concrete and asphalt from demolitions jobs, provide on-site crushing services, trucking and picker services.

Not sure how much product you need? use our online calculator
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